Our textiles comes from the global design textile company, Kvadrat. World leading within high quality textiles and with a serious sustainable approach. You can read more about it here »

*We use leftover textiles, samples and deadstock from Kvadrat.

If you want to learn a little more about each textile, please keep reading:

Remix 3

Composition: 90% new wool, worsted 10% nylon

Remix 3 is an elegant upholstery textile distinguished by exceptional depth of colour, designed by Giulio Ridolfo. It comes in 23 new hues, adding to an already expansive palette which now offers a total of 72 sophisticated colourways. Remix 3 looks unicoloured from a distance but reveals subtle details and colour contrasts when viewed close-up. The textile features a tight, minimalistic weave, and derives its lively colour play from a combination of two different mélange yarns, which each combine up to three hues. The new colours – carefully selected from 2600 samples– are inspired by an extensive study of traditional Indigo dyeing undertaken by Giulio Ridolfo on his travels. Centred around deep combinations of blues and rich natural reds, they also include subtly coloured neutrals


Composition: Sirocco 73 % new wool, 27 % nylon

Sirocco is a lightweight wool blend in which the diagonal stripe, while still present, is less assertive. The blended yarn colours create a sense of depth and richness in the surface; where striking tones of tropical orange, buttercup yellow or electric blue dominate. They are tempered by quieter elements and flecks of contrasting colour, while the darker and more neutral iterations of Sirocco are enlivened by bursts of lively colour deep within the weave.


Composition: 100% trevira cs

Airfield is designed by Alfredo Häberli which showcases the designer’s love for chequered patterns.

Airfield is crafted with two differently coloured yarns that form a rhythmic, graphic pattern of small checks.

Airfield’s versatile, rich palette underlines Alfredo Häberli’s signature approach to colour. It comprises deep neutrals, as well as a series of highlight notes. The level of contrast in the colourways varies: some appear tone-on-tone while others have a more graphic expression.

Alfredo Häberli: “When researching colours, I am strongly guided by my feelings and always ask myself how a certain fabric could be used in the future. Colour is the first possible decoration. Seeing and perceiving colours is a luxury.”


Composition: 100% Trevira CS

Patio is an upholstery textile developed for outdoors, which offers exceptional colour vibrancy. Designed by Karina Nielsen Rios, it is made with a highly durable, specially developed Trevira CS yarn. A result of 3 years intensive research, Patio features a fluorocarbon-free, environmentally-focused finish, which is water-repellent and fast-drying


Composition: 84% new wool, worsted12% viscose4% nylon

The use of colour in Ria takes inspiration from Pointillism, the painterly technique through which vibrant fields of colour are built up through the application of pure pigment in precise, individual dots. Each of Ria’s colourways brings together three tones of yarn. The base of the textile is made up of a thinner, single toned yarn, through which are woven two colours of thicker yarn to create a subtly textured dotting of colour across the surface.

Continuing the exploration of three-dimensional texture found throughout the Kvadrat collection, Ria has an inviting rough texture.


Composition: 45% new wool, worsted45% recycled wool10% nylon

Crafted using 45% recycled wool, Re-wool is a rich upholstery textile with a sustainable profile. The textile is partly made by reusing scraps from Kvadrat’s yarn spinners in the UK. It is designed by Margrethe Odgaard. ‘The idea was to create a both honest and environmentally friendly – textile with a poetic feel by recycling leftover material from Kvadrat’s own production’, explains Margrethe Odgaard. Reminiscent of colourful stitchings on a darker background, Re-wool features exceptional depth of colour, creating a dynamic play on the textile’s surface.